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  • Very true! Makes a c

    Very true! Makes a c

    Babysitter - Nanny bVYTAEgh (qMWCDhDSrn) July 6, 2016 Free

    Very true! Makes a change to see somnoee spell it out like that. :)

  • That's a smart way o

    That's a smart way o

    Babysitter - Nanny RiZscAge6M (B1JIOdZrI) July 8, 2016 Free

    That's a smart way of loonkig at the world.

  • I think you've just

    I think you've just

    Babysitter - Nanny y1nGKvk5xqj (COIWSiS6QCs) July 8, 2016 Free

    I think you've just captured the answer peetcrfly

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